Environment Policy

The task is for you to demonstrate and assess options for an urban environmental sustainability intervention. You need to select a specific site for your intervention. You can focus on a suburb in Melbourne, you can choose your home town, or you can choose any other urban setting in the world, where you think this approach and discussion is relevant. You should focus on the same type of environmental sustainability approach addressed in assignment 2.


(I will select Amsterdam as a specific site)

(The choose of environmentally sustainable approach regarding Assignment 2 is integrated water management)

The main tasks are to:

  • Develop an environmental sustainability strategy for the chosen town or suburb. The strategy can be presented as a planning or design framework. The strategy needs to identify the key local issues that the intervention will address.
  • Implementation opportunities and challenges: Reflect on barriers and potentials for the adoption of the strategy as part of urban environmental sustainability in the future. Your critical reflection should address the policy and planning drivers, and consider how broader environmental planning principles and approaches can be translated to address local issues and policy priorities.
  • Policy brief: develop a 1 page summary of the strategy that could act as either an Executive Summary or a policy briefing for decision-makers. (Policy brief template has attached to the next page)

You are advised to use the following sub-headings in your essay:

Suggested headings (section word counts are flexible, they are included as a guide only):

  • Policy brief/Executive Summary (no more than 1 page, approx 300 words)
  • Introduction (250 words)
  • Integrated environmental sustainability approach (500 words)
  • Strategy (600 words)
  • Barriers, potential and opportunities (600 words)
  • Conclusion (250 words)

Your report should be no more than 2,500 words (excl. references).



Policy Briefing paper template

Title (10 words or less)


Recommendations (no more than 5; Must provide a clear course for authorised action; Must be consistent with the purpose, rationale and evidence presented in the brief; Must not create unnecessary uncertainty requiring further clarification with the decision-maker)



Introduction (think about the needs of the decision-maker – briefing notes must be succinct, accurate and provide a clear rationale for any recommended action)

Purpose (Tells the decision-maker why the brief is being presented; forces the author to step back from the detail; Informs the thinking and organisation of the brief; Should be consistent with the recommendations)

Background (Enables the decision-maker to understand the context of the issue, the options and recommended course of action; Avoid excessive detail but do not omit key information; If the background is complex, consider including further detail in an attachment)

Issues (Use sub-headings to highlight particular issues if necessary; Address relevant public policies, implementation, stakeholders or other sensitive issues relevant to the decision-maker’s decision)

Policy options (Set out the available options and the pros and cons of each; Options must be realistic and achievable; Options must be supported by sound analysis and good evidence)

Financial implications (Full costs of any options or recommendations; Indicate whether within budget and forward estimates or requiring additional funding; If additional funding required indicate source of funds including any portfolio reallocation; Be clear about purpose of expenditure, how allocated and to whom, what is to be delivered and outcomes to be measured and reported)

fit to 1 page

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