WWI Essay

How can “poetry” inform “history”? Aristotle contrasts poetry with history, claiming that literature and creative writing can tell more universal stories than history can. Review the Aristotle, Owen, and Yeats passages quoted in Unit 1: Poetry and their arguments about the power and limitations of poetry.Should historians use literature as a way to understand what happened in the Great War? Why or why not? In an essay of 750 words, answer these questions using specific quotes and details from poems, Hemingway, and Dalton to support your argument (These sources are provided in the ‘File Section’ under Poems). Cite your sources using the “Insert Footnote” function and included the author & title and page number if appropriate.
————————————————————————-Create a separate paragraph that summarizes what is in this link:https://nearpod.com/student/(code: T7IH2)Write a paragraph summarizing what you learned. You do NOT need to answer the questions inside the Nearpod module.