Write an Overview of Drug Courts in Communities/Issue in Criminal Justice.

Research topic should be related to drug courts in community correctionsPaper should include five references in apa format from proffesional journals internet and google searches that are included and are not proffesional journals will not be acceptedExamples of proffesional journals has been listed in the rubric i have added.Paper should consits of1. A title/cover page (1page)2. Introduction ( 1 page): Theintroduction of the paper should give the reader an idea, background details and providesinformation about why you are writing on the topic you have selected. Theintroduction of the paper consists of 2 parts:-A general introduction to the topic of drug courts-Your Thesis Statement/issue about drug courts3. Literature review (3 Pages)4. Summuary/Conclusion (1 page)5. Reference Page Apa format (1 page)-Youmust use five different references in the paper and all references listed onyour reference page must be properly cited in your Review of Literaturesection.FormattingGuidelines5 pages typed; double-spaced(Title page, 3 pages of literature review/conclusions, Reference page = 5pages)APA style writing guidelinesTimes New Roman font, 12point1-inch margins all around8-1/2” x 11” paperMinimum of 5 differentsources (each reference can only be used once)