Write an essay on the novel “fifteen dogs” by André Alexis

Write an essay prompt related to your novel and develop a tightly-structured and carefully-written essay. Use standard essay format with a clear introduction that focuses your reader on your topic. The last sentence of the introduction needs to be the thesis statement for the paper. Remember: a thesis is a carefully crafted one or two-line statement that articulates the central claim/arguable point of the paper.The body of the essay must have at least three well-developed paragraphs that begin with topic sentences and have evidence (quotation or paraphrase) for all of the claims made about the novel you studied. The conclusion of the paper refocuses the reader around the thesis and draws the lessons of your paper to a close. Leave room for further discussion in your tone at the close because you have not exhausted all the possibilities on your topic.Style:Use college-level vocabulary for the paper. The language should be natural but formal. Do not use personal pronouns. Use APA 7th edition documentation throughout.Research:This is a formal literary essay that is analytical and based on your interpretation of the work plus those interpretations of your secondary sources. Consult at least three secondary sources. You must document these sources fully in two places: 1. in-text citations after quotations/paraphrases, and 2. a References list at the end of your essay. Any omission here constitutes plagiarism and therefore academic dishonesty.