Write an Agreement and Additional Essay on “Goodbye to All that” by Joan Didion

Upload your completed rough draft of the Agreement and Addition Essay and peer review your fellow group members’ work. Remember, it must be at least four to five pages. Follow these guidelines:1. Does the writer state the topic, the essay summary, and agreement the thesis at the beginning? Is it specific or is it vague and broad? After you finish reading the essay, go back and re-read the thesis statement. Does it accurately represent the essay?2. Are there quotations in the first paragraph that would work better in the main body?3. Are they agreeing with the essay? Is it clear?4. Are they adding their own original examples?5. Do they quote the essay writer enough so that the “They Say” is clear or do they only quote two or three times with little context (hit-and-run quotations)? Or do they summarize or quote endlessly without giving their own opinion and examples?6. Do they quote two or more outside primary sources?7. Do they quote and cite correctly with a List of Works Cited at the end?8. Are their grammar and format correct? Do not correct their grammar only point it out.Also can you include this too: