Write a research paper on the Sexual abuse at Penn State Scandal,

Write a research paper on the Sexual abuse at Penn State Scandal,Each student will complete a research paper. This semester’s topic will be an evaluation of the actions and ethical failures that lead to the child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University. The Freeh Report is a good initial source to review Link. I expect that other sources will be included in your work in order for you to analyze and evaluate what happened in Happy Valley. (150 points)This study requires a minimum of 1500 words and shall not exceed 2000 words. It must be typed, double-spaced and adhere to the rules of proper grammar and composition. It shall include a bibliography and appropriate foot notes using MLA format from the Purdue Online Writing Lab Link. I recommend a trip to the IUS Writing Lab Link to have your paper reviewed and proofed prior to submission. Also, note that this is an ongoing case, accordingly, you should update your readers with the current status of the case. Finally, this is an emotional topic. Your job is to analyze and report; leave your emotions at the door.