write a research paper.: Death Penalty/Capital Punishment

Assignment: Ethical Issues Encountered in Our SocietyPlease, write a research paper. In your paper make sure you address the following:• The background:o For the background define what ethics is.o Also, your paper should address what constitutes an ethical or unethical behavior.• Topic, body, conclusion:o Choose one main ethical topic/idea to discusso In your discussion make use of examples you have seen on the news on TV or that you have read about in any newspaper article or in the book, Criminal Investigation by Swanson.o Some examples of ethical issues present in our society today (albeit not exhaustive) are sexual slavery, abortion, policing and police brutality, fraud/white collar crime/cybercrime, use of human subjects in research, lying under oath (e.g. the case involving Martha Stewart) etc.o In addition, address some ways the society or people in general have tried to limit unethical behaviors, for example we talked about how and why the Miranda Rights was established.▪ Today it will be unethical for an arresting officer not to read the Miranda Rights to an offender in the language that he/she understandso Make use of land mark cases /theories that have influenced the laws we have to abide by as a society todayo You are encouraged to have a more open approach, and consider more than one perspective in your writing up.o ***SEE RUBRICSo Your conclusion paragraph should be a summary of what you have discussed throughout the paper• References/citationo Also, the textbook (criminal investigation) is a great resource for any topic you choose. Embedded within each chapter are numbers that correspond to the references at the back of the book. This is known as in-text citation.▪ For example, on page 231 under the title “code of ethics”, paragraph 2, is the number, 97. The author is letting you know that that idea he mentioned about “Practitioners…” is from the reference on page 677 of the book.o Limit your use of quotation i.e. do not make two thirds of your paper word for word from your sources. Try to paraphrase!▪ When paraphrasing, reference your sources within the document (i.e. in-text citation).▪ Then have a reference or citation page at the end of your paper listing the references in the order that they appear in the paper you have written