Write a persuasive analysis on should Animals Be Used in Research?

Write a persuasive analysis on should Animals Be Used in Research?Length and format: The paper should be 5-8 pages in length (12 pt. New Times Roman, 1 inch margins, not including title page and references).The paper should have:-Title Page-Introductory section which introduces the controversy-Section which assesses the existing research on the topic and critiques the different perspectives on the issue using existing research. For this section, make sure to get actual research articles from peer reviewed primary sources to use as references. You cannot use Web sites as primary sources. In other words, go through the library set of databases and search the psychology database. Do not reply on popular press publications (e.g., Psychology Today) or web sites (e.g., Wikipedia). You should provide an integration, analysis, and critique of all of your readings. In many of the aforementioned example, there are differing perspectives. You should present each side of the coin. However, you may find there is more support for one perspective. You should discuss this in you discussion section. Use quotations sparingly if at all. The vast majority of this paper (e.g., 95%) should be in your own words using proper APA6 style citations.-Final section which provides an informed conclusion based on the material presented in the paper-Reference page in APA Style. You should plan on having at least 5-6 peer reviewed referenced primary sources.-No plagiarism ( plagiarism free report required )