Write a paper on the same story from a liberal source, a conservative source, and an “unbiased” source.

Write a paper on the same story from a liberal source, a conservative source, and an “unbiased” source. They should be related to the class subject, i.e., about the government.You should find new sources for the same story from opposite sides of the political spectrum (i.e., liberal vs. conservative, liberal vs. independent, conservative vs. independent). In real terms, something like CNN vs. FOX News, New York Times vs. New York Post, or something like Breitbart vs. Washington Post. You also need to find the same story in one of the “unbiased” sources, such as AP. You will briefly tell me about the articles and how they relate to the book/class, but I also want you to note any differences in how the stories are put forth. Are they the exact same? Are there differences? This means you should have three different headlines, three different writers, and three different news sources on the same story. They should be from the same time frame (first something in the last six months (but nothing in the last month, i.e., anything from after September 20 will not be accepted), and secondly, most stories break on the same day or thereabouts).
Link to list of conservative sources:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_media_(U.S._political_right)Link to list of liberal sources:https://aelieve.com/rankings/websites/category/news-media/top-liberal-websites/These were listed as unbiased (maybe independent):https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/top-5-world-news-websites-guaranteed-free-censorship/https://www.allsides.com/media-bias/media-bias-ratings#ratings
It should be noted that you won’t get full credit if you do not have the diversity of sources. So carefully choose sources. Try not to go too far outside of the list, which tends to get people in trouble. Often times the exact same story will be used on multiple platforms (be wary about that).I am going to insist that you stick to the list for unbiased. Briefly explain the differences you notice. Keep your answer, not including your titles and labels, to 150-200 words. You must meet the minimum to get full credit, and you must have proper spelling and grammar. Please make sure your answer is in the actual textbox—NO file attachments.