Write a paper on the designing social justice academic curriculum.

Write a paper on the designing social justice academic curriculum.For your signature assignment, you will be designing a curricular unit. The curriculum can be based in a discipline or a workplace environment of your choice, and your task is to design a curriculum for teaching a social justice issue to a diverse and varied community. As we have explored throughout the course, there is a broad range of topics that fit within a social justice framework, and we need to consider how to effectively design curriculum for a varied population.This assignment has several parts outlined below.Curriculum: You will need to create a unit that focuses on a social justice topic. If you set it within a K-12 environment, with class meetings every day for a period, you can conceptualize it as a week-long unit. If you are developing a unit within a higher education setting, with potentially two classes a week, you can envision it as a two-week unit. And if you are working within a workplace environment, you would be designing a full one-day workshop.In designing the unit, you will be finding appropriate readings, setting up good discussions, and developing specific assignments. The section should consist of the following: Learning Outcomes; Written Overview of the topic, the discipline and/or workplace focus, and the audience; learning theory philosophy; use of technology; and sequence of the curriculum, including the readings, discussions, activities, and assignments.Readings: You will be embedding the reading assignments that you assign within your developed sequence. In this section, you will provide an annotated bibliography. You will include at least five sources in APA format and summarize the readings in 4-5 sentences. If you do not assign that many readings, you should include the sources that you find that helped you to develop the curriculum.Metacognition: Write a 1-2 page metacognitive conclusion explaining the importance of the social justice topic within the particular discipline or environment and how the curriculum was shaped in order to acknowledge the cultural diversity of the learners.The paper should be 10-12 pages, double spaced.
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Must focus on a specific social justice topic, such as student immigration, LGBTQ rights and application to the classroom, representation of different cultural groups in curriculum, african-American history as a course curriculum, understanding the needs of students with physical or learning disabilities, etc.