Write a paper on How social media affects adolescents – 5 to 8 minutes long

Write a paper on How social media affects adolescents – 5 to 8 minutes longit is supposed to be around 5-8 minutes
You will prepare a presentation with visual aids of your Researched Argumentative Essay. Your presentation should be five to eight minutes in length with visual aids created in software like PowerPoint or another of your choice. Your presentation should offer an overview of your argument and research. The goal is to help your audience (the class) understand and think critically about the information you are presenting. Your visual aid should give presence to the problem and enhance appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos. Keep in mind that your visual should not be simply bullet points that outline your speech.My topic for the presentation is how social media affects adolescents. I already have 8 sources that I found that need to be usedEngage with a research-based question, focus, or purposeRhetorically consider and integrate a variety of perspectives into an argumentApply rhetorical appeals, including ethos, pathos, logos, and kairosParticipate in conversations within discourse communities, while skillfully addressing assignment requirementsNegotiate the influence of positionality, background, and personal bias on research and argumentSynthesize multiple perspectives through the use of primary and secondary research, including lived experience and counternarrativeCompose nuanced arguments that contain appropriate and sufficient evidenceNegotiate the implications of the research on multiple groups and seek perspectives that complicate notions of credibility and authority in researchJoin a conversation by seeking multiple perspectives, recognizing gaps in the research, reflecting on personal bias, and synthesizing texts and perspectivesDemonstrate academic integrity by accurately and effectively summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and citing a variety of texts and perspectives