Write a paper on dawn of humanity through the 1500s

Write a paper on dawn of humanity through the 1500sA Web link to the article is REQUIRED on your assignment. If you do not have this, your assignment will not receive any credit.For the article review assignment, students will locate an article (either a somewhat recent news story, a popular publication such as National Geographic, or an academic piece) that addresses a topic from the dawn of humanity through the 1500s. Penalty for a late article review is 10% off.After closely reading the article, students will evaluate the piece and then note their reaction to the piece in a short paragraph (such as if this changed your previously held ideas on the topic –an example of this is that there have been quite a few reevaluations of Neanderthals in recent years that have dispelled previous images of these groups).Write a paper on dawn of humanity through the 1500sAt minimum, the assignment needs to be at least 500 words.In your evaluation of the piece, note the claims of the author or researcher, the evidence for those claims (be specific here), as well as if the evidence actually supports such claims. While not all articles might note this, try to evaluate the implications of this discovery. Some of the claims might warrant a revaluation of our own ancestry (DNA evidence of Neanderthals in modern humans shows that they did not all die out at the end of the last Ice Age).Note: Please remember that the Safe Assign Originality Report is included in grading your paper. Instructor will be able to see, if your report is a copy.Please check your Article Review for following:Write your name, class ; Professor’s name:Write the title of the article and be clear it is an article reviewArticle Review: “Title of the Article” by …. (a name of the author)While writing a history paper always use the third person – never use “I”, remember you try to be objective while assessing the paper!Introduce the paper in one paragraph (not two!).Body paragraphs of your review should explain writer’s arguments.Write your conclusion and check that you have minimum 500 words!Please use Chicago Manual of Style to cite your article and quotations:https://gouldguides.carleton.edu/citation/Chicago(Cite the source of your article —- Work Cited: Author’s name. “Title of the Article.” Cite Journal name (use italic for the journal). Cite Last modified date. URL to the website: www……..)