Write a paper indicate how the site-visit or interview helped advance your understanding of Islam, and Muslims in the US.

Write a paper indicate how the site-visit or interview helped advance your understanding of Islam, and Muslims in the US.Site Visit GuidelinesEssentialCarry a small pad and paper to jot down notes from the moment you approach the Islamic CenterBefore the site visit, review the articles on mosque in the Site Visit Resources folder. Keep in mind a few key features such as its religious and social function and architecture.Identify sacred objects, rituals, spaces that you might expect to see and be prepared to ask questions about them (e.g. hypothetical question: in what cases would women and men share the area used for wu’du?)EtiquetteEvery religious space has its own etiquette. Dress appropriately and be perceptive to what kind of conduct and speech is appropriate in that environment. Men and women must dress modestly: no shorts, low-cut shirts, bare arms etc. Note: Women must take scarves or shawls (not handkerchiefs) to cover their head. Shoes must be removed in the hall before entering the mosque.GuidePresentationThe visit must not be treated as a “tour” but an ethnographic study. Take time to observe as much as possible both in terms of the environment and the actual words that the guide is using to describe a particular area of the mosque or religious concept. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them properly. It is especially important for you to ask if you need to hear the explanation again.ObservationThe following provides an idea of the in-depth and comprehensive questions that would be typical of ethnographic approach. Simply select a few that you want to focus on. By keeping them in mind, you will be more alert and intelligent in your observations.Site & SettingWhat site did you visit? When (the day of the week, time of day)? With whom did you go? Describe the location and surrounding area? Does it fit in? Describe the building and its layout. Does it have special architectural features? Is it decorated? How is the interior organized? Are there public and private areas? Is it segregated by gender?PeopleA guide – usually the Imam or a mosque representative – will meet you at the entrance. Make sure you get his or her name. Be present at the exact time scheduled for the appointment – five minutes early if possible. Usually, the guide will lead you through the mosque and give a presentation. Take notes about the guide, his or her position, and the information and interpretation he or she gives of Islam, local Muslim community, and mosque itself.Who did you see? What were they wearing? At what time did you go? What were their ethnic backgrounds? What languages did you hear spoken? What other activities were going on? Did you meet anyone? What did you ask them? Do you have a noteworthy quote? How do they relate to one another? Are there any children?Site Visit Guidelines 1 tkassamObjectsWhat religious objects did you encounter? How did you know they were special or sacred? Did the guide explain their significance? Were there any traditional prayer carpets? Why or why not? Did you see any Qur’ans and Qur’an stands? What other symbols did you see?RitualsPublicityDid you pick up any publications that described the community or religious site? Does the center have a website? What comparison and contrast can you draw between the website and publicity material and your actual site visit? What racial, regional etc communities does the center serve.AssignmentAlthough you are not expected to do a full ethnographic report, your report should be guided by the questions above and the ones you developed in your Site Visit Outline. Your assignment is to present a clear, precise report and analysis of approximately 800-1000 words (2- 3 pages 1.5 spacing).You will be visiting only one mosque so it is critical that you do not make generalizations (mentally and in your report.) The more precise you make your description of the specific Islamic centre that you visit, the better the quality of work. This is a formal writing assignment and the report should be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors etc. Below is an illustration of the style and type of details in a report.Note: Those of you who are not in Syracuse must make arrangements to visit a mosque or Islamic centre wherever you are.GoodPoorWhen we arrived at the Begram’s, their daughter and son were scoring hoops. Weak description Surprisingly, the daughter wore shorts and a loose t-shirt. They were just like any of us. Ethnocentrism The Muslims we met yesterday came from Pakistan a year ago. Maybe after staying for some time, they will become American. Opinion/preferenceDid you observe any rituals? Describe them. What was the occasion or time of ritual? Was their any singing or recitation? Was it accompanied by musical instruments? Was it congregational singing? Who led the ritual? Do you need a specific qualification? What was the gender breakdown?When we arrived at the Begram’s residence in Iowa, their teenagers Sadiya and Hussein were scoring hoops in front of the garage. Sadiya was wearing tight khaki shorts and a loose striped t- shirt. ethnography/close description In her book, Islamic Values in the United States (Oxford: 1987), Haddad asserts that the earliest wave of immigrant Arab Muslims tried to assimilate into American society as much as possible because of anti-Islamic attitudes in the US. As a result, they were able to get jobs and start businesses. data/explanation/citation However, their success in assimilating has become “a cause of concern to some who have arrived more recently” (68). These new immigrants worry that Muslims like the Begram’s might forget their own religious culture and practices. analysis/consequences/connectionsSite Visit Guidelines 2 tkassam