Write a paper discussing on Smith & Rose articles.

Write a paper discussing on Smith & Rose articles.I received your Draft Essay 2 and the paper has 7 paragraphs, is in the correct format (12 pt. font, double-spaced and left-justified margin). The brief, original title is not quite what I wanted which was a few words or a phrase capturing the topics of the articles (not a description of the essay so please change it. A student in my English 96 last semester used “Work for All—Blue Collar, White Collar or Immigrant.” Then, your first paragraph is okay but I would delete the sentence in the 4th line starting with “Various consequences…” and use a different sentence before including the correct thesis sentence “I agree with two articles on the topics of immigrants and work.” Find another place for the last sentence in the first paragraph, or delete it. Then you were to write 2 summaries each focusing on a different essay and the main idea, suporting ideas and key details that the author brings in. Your summary 1 about the Rose article starts out but does not focus on the author enough. Each sentence in the summary should begin with some version of “Rose discusses” or “Rose explains.” Also, pronouns like “we” and “our” need to be cut from these 2 summary paragraphs and revised or replaced with identifiers such as “individuals” “citizens” “employees” or “Americans.” The next 2 paragraphs are discussions (one for each article) about how you agreed with the author. You must use the correct author’s last name for the correct article, so in paragraph 4, use Rose like this: “I agree with Rose that blue collar jobs have been underestimated in their value.” ALSO PLEASE DELETE the parentheses references to other readings by Gragnano and Hakanen IN BOTH DISCUSSION PARAGRAPHS since we did not use these in class. Similarly, paragraph 5 should use the last name of “Smith” to refer to the author of the article and eliminate “(Hakanen et al. 2019)” and “(Schmitz et al. 2019)” since we did not use their redaings in class. Your personal experience paragraph would be improved if you 1) used the correct word for salon workers which is “blue collar” not white collar (which can be debated but for now let’s agree that training for being a registered nurse-a white collar job is much more extensive than for a hair technician). You used your sister’s first name (or made up a female’s name like Rhonda or Patricia). However, if this is not really your actual relative you need to include where you found this story (what resource?). For example, you might state, “On CNN.com I read about Central Americans from Guatamala going overseas to the U.S. and working in a salon but then getting an office job.” This paragraph 6 needs more revision to make it make sense! Finally your conclusion is acceptable, and please be careful because when you use “native Americans” and not “American citizens” or “longtime residents of the U.S.” your readers may think you are speaking of the original Americans, or what we used to call Indians as in “cowboys and Indians.” Use my office hour, a tutor to help you with revisions!