Write a paper discussing Blackness and gender.

Write a paper discussing Blackness and gender.We have established that while race and gender are social constructs, they have material consequences. Critically analyzing the NYTimes video by Texan rapper Megan Thee Stallion, titled “Why I speak up for Black Women,” discuss the ways that patriarchy and racism intersect and impact Black women in the contemporary moment. Using Kimberlé Crenshaw’s concept of intersectionality as a frame for your argument, discuss your understanding of racialized and gendered expectations and stereotypes.This prompt is designed to test your understanding of intersectionality and how you apply that understanding to the interpretation of contemporary events. Your answer should demonstrate your working understanding of most or all of the following concepts:IntersectionalityGenderFeminismsPatriarchyRacismsAdequate essays will present an opinion on the article, highlight why it is important to speak up for Black women, and define race and gender as social constructs.Good essays will do all of the above and contextualize the piece by connecting it to intersectionality. It will integrate explanations and an understanding of patriarchy and racism and discuss feminism.Excellent Essays will address all of the above, be able to critically discuss and historicize intersectionality and racialized and gendered expectations and stereotypes. It will discuss Black women and the waves of feminism and articulate an understanding of the connection between the article and activism and feminism.Overall fluency with the conceptual categories and demonstration of a critical approach in utilizing conceptual categories presented in class in relationship to the everyday evidence provided in a well written essay is what we are looking for. There are no completely right or wrong answers. We are looking for thoughtfully analytical answers that use the class materials to understand the issues involved in and behind the prompt.kBe sure to use and properly cite materials from the class lectures, class discussion, and readings in formulating your answers. In addition to the course lectures and readings, please cite and reference all other information that you use to help construct your essay such as articles from major newspapers, demographics, scholarly articles or texts.Your essay should be 3 double-spaced typewritten pages (12 font, standard margins). Your responses should be uploaded as a PDF or Word document.