Write a Health Policy Brief – Poverty.

Write a Health Policy Brief – Poverty.Health POLICY BRIEFTopic chosen: Poverty
Instructions:Each student will individually author a 900-word health policy brief, (excluding title page and reference page) on a health policy issue chosen from the approved topics list at the end of this syllabus. No more than 2 students will be approved for each topic. In every case, this is a single student assignment. Times New Roman, 12pt font, and 1 inch margin) . This accounts for 30 points of the course grade. This will be a Turnitin paper. Your paper will be checked for plagiarism. Make sure you list the references used to support your arguments and apply APA format to the references (title page an abstract not needed). Please check grammar before you submit it. Poor grammar may result in significant deductions. Check your submission for originality and keep it under 15% matching. More than that will be considered significantly borrowed and not of your work, even if you have everything in quotes. No late submission is allowed.This policy brief can be opinionatedReferences are needed but don’t need a certain amount
Help with policy brief:https://fiscalnote.com/blog/guide-writing-policy-brief