WRITE A BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PROJECT: BASELINE PHASE REPORTTo assess your baseline as you begin the experiment, you need to observe your target behaviorbefore you ever treat it. Thus, you will conduct a functional analysis of your target behavior as itnaturally occurs. The baseline observation of your target behavior should be done for at least oneweek.1. Target Behavior: A clear and measurable behavioral definition of your target behavior(use examples if needed to clarify) should be stated. [Description]2. Observation Period: Show the dates (and times if relevant) of your baseline phase.3. Experiment Narrative: Clarify the logistics, setting, and process of your experiment’sbaseline observation phase (natural or analogue setting, structured or unstructuredobservation, recording method and instrument, etc.).4. Dimension(s): The logical dimension(s) – Frequency – Intensity – Duration – Latency –that were observed and recorded during the baseline are clearly and consistently statedand shown.5. Target Behavior Observations: Clearly and completely, but concisely, summarize yourobservations of the target behavior during the baseline phase. Descriptions should bemade of triggers (settings/stress/work/conflict) that bring on the target behavior, andstimuli that help it.Note: This assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.