Women working 1800-1930

For this essay, i have already written, few pages. At the end of PAGE #4 please add nother 3 more pages to finish this essay for me. You can deleted all the pages that left after page #4 because i want to focus more on this paregraph ” It is 1895 you are new to Chicago (or a large city) looking for work. You soon make a variety of friends each who tries to convince you to join them in their causes and work. Some friends work in local factories and are also members of labor unions: one is a member of the Knights of Labor, the other of the Industrial Workers of the world. Another is an independent furniture maker who steers clear of politics but is worried about his/her future. Finally, one friend proposes you join him as a manager at the Pullman Town.” for my last three pages. you can see the paper that i atteched down here for more understanding.