Wk 1, MHA 505: DR 2

APA format
Cite 2 peer-reviewed reference
175-265 word count
Read and respond to the following discussion posts. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback suggestions or question(s).
Respond to the following:
Crystal Irwin
12:13 PM
Hello Ms. Chimera & Class,
Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to academics and the professional world. Thanks to my experience as a financial ops generalist, I have gained great communication skills. I am responsible for contacting vendors to address or fix any issues we may have with the service or product. I have also completed training on effective communication at my current job. This training was helpful being that I have to regularly speak with offenders family members as well. Another one of my strengths is that I am very reliable. My previous supervisor would always assign me extra duties when she had a deadline to meet because she knew that I would make sure it was done by the deadline. An academic weakness that I have is writing papers, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to having to write them. I have found that the writing center is very helpful. The university’s library is helpful when having to do research. I have used the citation generator numerous times in the past to help with citations. If you have trouble with citations, this is a good resource or tool to use.