William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. compare drama

ENGL 103, Paper II – Drama
For this paper you will be writing on William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and/or Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. You may write about one play only, compare and contrast the two plays, or compare one or both of the plays to a film or to a filmed version of the play such as may be found on YouTube. I am willing to entertain additional approaches to the assignment (for example, you might want to compare and contrast one of the plays to an earlier reading from either the short fiction or poetry sections), as long as they focus on at least one of the dramatic works. However, you must first clear such approaches with me.Special Notes:
Your paper must have a clear thesis. What point are you trying to make?Formatting for this assignment must follow my handout entitled Formatting Your Essays in every particular.Write 3 ½ -5 pages (approximately 300 words per page).Cite at least two outside sources, preferably from JSTOR or another library database. If you have trouble finding information on your subject on the databases, feel free to do a Google search. But you must first clear any sources you find there with me.Links to both database and non-database sources must appear in your Works Cited.Remember to treat material from sources in quotation (both in-text and block), paraphrase, and summary form; remember to observe the conventions of writing about literature (see handout).Include at least one block quotation (relevant in-text citations should appear throughout the text)An MLA-style Works Cited (including whatever play[s] you reference and your choice of at least two outside sources) must be included but is not part of the 3 ½ -5 pages.Make generous use of relevant vocabulary from my handout on Dramatic Terms.One approach to the paper might be to take a critical perspective (Freudian, biographical, historical, deconstructive, etc.). We will discuss these in class.Otherwise, you are welcome to focus on one or more of the relevant literary elements we discussed with reference to short fiction, poetry, and/or drama.
N.B.: Paper II is due on Turnitin.com by Monday, April 15The Following Do Not Count as Sources for Paper II—DO NOT USE!Student essay pay (or free) services (such as www.123essay.com)Blogs (or any website such as Shmoop or SparkNotes, that doesn’t have an author’s name associated with it)Social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook)