Why Reparations Should Not Be Given? – Critical Thinking Class

Why Reparations Should Not Be Given? – Critical Thinking ClassOne page can be an outlineNeeds to be written according to case law, legislation and quotations. There needs to be three scholarly pages and a bibliography (citations) against Reparations. I need the cons of them, all cited with books, listed in the bibliography. The books cited could/should use: Peter W. Wood, A Critical Response to the 1619 project, A people’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn, Red, White and Black by Robert L Woodson, Sr., And then, Legal Case Law, Quotations from Scholarly magazines. The cost of who would pay for this and statistics should be referenced. For each pro that would be argued, there has to be a con which succeeds over the pro. Both need to be contemplated and addressed. This paper has to go against the reparations that are being promoted in the 1619 Project. The more pressing issue at hand, deals with more of what is happening globally, yet closer to home (in the U.S.) It is a class war that everyone should be concerned with not deciding who and which people will qualify (would have to be researched and by what standard?) for reparations due to the injustices and oppression for years to today’s day from the Mayflower. Need a purview from the community we live in and a global view. Need to key in on how we are being defined in society by the problems caused by key players in society. And, what we should really be focused on, and what we really should be asking for to bring all of us (those without) up.