Which of the following is true about the relationship between globalization and climate change?

Activists use which of the following legal strategies to argue that environmental hazards disproportionately impact racial minority groups?Environmental justiceEnvironmental Rights ActEnvironmental discrimination approachEnvironmental Equality Defense Act
Which of the following is true about the relationship between globalization and climate change?Globalization has both positive and negative impacts on climate change.Globalization primarily has a negative impact on climate change.Globalization has little overall effect on climate change.Globalization primarily has a positive impact on climate change.
Karl Marx suggested that religion does what?Helps alleviate patterns of social inequalityPlays an important role in propping up the existing social structureHelps workers lead a healthier work-life balancePlays a role in reducing suicides in the workplace
Scientists and social scientists who study how people and the environment interact and impact each other is a part of which field of study?AnthropoceneEthno-environmentalismHuman ecologyLandscape environmentalism
Which of the following is true about Max Weber and religion?He studied the effects of emerging religions on Western society.He examined the connection between religious faith and capitalism.He examined the influence of religion on suicide.He called religion the “opiate of the masses.”
Match the examples of social mobility to its type of social mobility.
–A woman who was born and raised in a poor family does well in school and gets a well-paid job as a computer engineer right after college. What type of mobility is this an example of?
–A restaurant owner closes his restaurant due to an economic recession and then takes a position as cook at Martin’s Family Restaurant. What type of social mobility is this an example of?
–A UPS driver takes a new position as a FedEx driver where the pay and benefits are very similar to his former UPS position. What type of social mobility is this an example of?
–A store clerk promoted to night manager. What type of social mobility is this an example of?
A.Closed system mobility
B.Downward vertical mobility
C.Intergenerational mobility
D.Horizontal mobility
E.Intragenerational mobility
Match which sociological perspective fits in each scenario.
–Larisa believes a family’s social position helps determine a child’s opportunities in life. Which sociological perspective is Larisa applying?
–Jon believes religion plays a role of creating stability in society and in providing meaning and purpose in people’s lives. Which sociological perspective best describes that viewpoint?
–Julia believes that the political and economic power relationships in society are socially constructed through building relationships and connecting with others.
–Mateo believes that even though women play a critical role in the functioning of religious institutions, they have been unfairly relegated to subordinate roles to men who dominate faith leadership roles.
Your textbook discussed six ways our educational system helps perpetuate inequality in society. List and discuss two of those ways. Include in your response how one or more of those ways impacted your own educational journeyYour response must be at least 200 words in length.
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