Which KPI should the company use to measure the effectiveness of its distribution strategy?

Reminder: This is a « Take Home Exam », it is an individual assignment that you have to do according to your professor’s instructions. We will use softwares to verify the sources or references you use in your work. If you do use quotes, thank you for writing it in Italic and between quotation marks. Also, you have to indicate the origin of your sources or references (book, newspaper, website…) and the name of the author(s).
Select one manufacturing company you are familiar with, make sure to properly mention its name in your exam and analyse its go to market process focusing on: A. Analysis of the status quo of the go to market process actually used in the company. Make sure that in your answer you’re properly analyse the 4 main phases of the process: 1) Which is the distribution strategy of this company? Answer to this question analysing the company’s choice in all the steps of the distribution strategy definition step of the go to market process. 2) How independent retailers can impact the marketing image of this company? Refer to both positive and negative impact in your answer. 3) How can the company limit/control this impact? Provide concrete examples of activities you’d implement if you were working in this company. 4) Which KPI should the company use to measure the effectiveness of its distribution strategy? Answer to this question properly explaining what each KPI you mention measures in relation to the distribution strategy (your answer to question 1). In your answer to this part of the exam properly refer to the relevant theory seen in class in structuring your analysis. B. Critical assessment of the observed status quo. Based of what you learnt during the course on the go to market activity of a company provide a critical evaluation of what you described in the previous part of the exam by pointing out at least 2 areas of improvement of the company’s go to market strategy. To answer to this part of the exam properly point out: – what should be improved in your view – How should the company improve it  provide practical suggestions/recommendations for the company on the aspect you pointed out – Why  highlight the expected positive outcomes of your suggestion GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR THE EXAM Answer to tall the parts of the question, none is optional. Provide details supporting your answer (examples, sources, etc.). Your answer to all these questions will represent an essay of minimum 3 and maximum 5 pages in world, Times 11, simple interline that you will upload in the dropbox retake exam. Make sure to properly clarify which part of the essay answers to which sub-question. All the resit exams will be checked for plagiarism detection that, if pointed out, will lead to failure of this exam.


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