what those green eyes went through

Like Steve McCurry’s photograph, Cathy Newman’s essay, “Her Eyes Captivated theWorld,” is a portrait, drawn in words, of Sharbat Gula. Newman’s portrait, however, was “taken”at a much later time, seventeen years later. As a later portrait, one might compare it with thepictures easily found on the Internet of the later encounter between the photographer and Gula.
Write an essay in which you focus in Part I on Newman’s word -portrait in words in relation tothe original and later photographs. For example, are there things about Gula’s life that comeacross in all three? If so, what? Thesis Question: What are three adjectives you would use todescribe Newman’s portrait of Gulu? Support your description in the body of your essay withquotation. Consider also the figurative language Newman uses. Describe the effects of three ormore of her similes or metaphors. Finally, how does Newman’s portrait in words affect how yourespond to the two photographs?