What might be the advantageous of this approach?

PSYC 100Chapter 10 Application AssignmentDiscussionPLEASE READ “ALL” of INSTRUCTIONS THOUROUGHLY!!
-Answer the discussion questions below. In your answers make sure to use concepts from the text (Instruction to Textbook is in attached File) use terms from Chapter 10 “Intelligence” to support your response.
– Include APA formatted in-text citations.
-Your answers need to also include your own thoughts as well. Please see the grading rubric for specifics.
Assignment:“Discussion Questions: Write at least 1 paragraph/100 words for each question.”
1. How would you define intelligence? Incorporate text and PowerPoint information
2. Discuss the uses and misuses of IQ tests. In your opinion do the uses outweigh the misuses or do the misuses suggest the IQ test should become “extinct”?3. In the video on Testing and Intelligence, Zimbardo discusses the possibility of measuring IQ using brain imagining. Describe this approach. What might be the advantageous of this approach? How might the use of this type of IQ testing be similar to the hope that Binet had for IQ testing versus the reality of how they are often used?
IMPORTANT: This assignment MUST include “terms” & “citations”(properly cited).
I am putting Examples of how this assignment needs to be cited BELOW!!IMPORTANT! Remember if you use direct quotes (the authors’ words) you should reference correctly, by using quotation marks, and APA in-text citations. You also need to use in-text citations when using the authors’ ideas or paraphrasing. See below for examples. Not citing is a form of plagiarism and will result in an F on the assignment. Your answers should also include your own words.After you have quoted or paraphrased another person’s work you need to correctly attribute credit to their ideas. This is done by citing. Some examples of citing in APA format include:Direct Quotes:“Race is a socially constructed category that is predicated on political, social, and economic processes” (Wegener & Petty 1992, p. 58).Berndt (2002:67) argues that “race is a socially constructed category.”Paraphrasing:Research by Wegener and Petty (1992) supports the view that…Some have argued that race is a socially constructed category (Berndt, 2002; Harlow, 1983; Smith et. al., 2010).Ethnicity is a different concept than race (Berndt, 2002).