What kind of working papers or VISAs will you need to work in the country you have chosen?

BECOMING AN EXPATWhat is this assignment?You are a college graduate seeking a career job/ or making a career change. Unfortunately, right now, the job market for your job is not very good in your home country, but you have been told that if you spend 2 years in country X where the job market has great demand for your skills, you will be in great demand by employers when you return.In a 3-5 page paper (plus a cover page and reference page), formatted using APA 7th edition formatting style, and using appropriate citations and references, write your plan for how you will prepare yourself for getting the job in the country where you have chosen to spend 2 years to develop your career. Include the following:Description of the country, including its geographical location and cost of living.The kind of job you seek to gain in the country of your choice, potential wages you can expect to earn, and the kind of housing you can expect to find, how much rent will cost, utilities expenses, groceries, transportation, and any other necessities for daily life.What kind of working papers or VISAs will you need to work in the country you have chosen?How will you find a job?How will you develop a social community? Is there an expat community in the area where you plan to live?Discuss the language and customs, including potential cultural challenges you might face when learning to get along and become accepted within a peer group.If you choose an English speaking country, remember that there are many types of English. How will you learn the type of English used in the country you choose?In which city of the country would you be able to find the American Embassy? What kind of services/ assistance does the American Embassy provide to American citizens abroad?Why is it important?Learning to investigate find answers to your questions is an important part of becoming self-sufficient, an informed consumer, a knowledgeable person and citizen, as well as a well-prepared individual ready to meet the challenges you will face in your work, establishing a career, and creating a meaningful and satisfying life.How will this assignment help you in your career?The world has become much more global and technology has fostered rapid expansion of global enterprises. Jobs that may not be available in your home state may be available in other countries, and for those who are not afraid to engage in an expat experience, moving abroad can provide an enriching experience that will help build one’s career.Gaining experience working in another culture shows employers, and everyone for that matter, that you are adaptable. It also demonstrates that you have developed skills and the ability to work with diverse communities of people. Learning another language in addition to this is another plus. After just a few years of developing your career in another place, you will have gained a different worldview to bring back to employers, or to entrepreneurial endeavors in your home country.