What is the purpose of the technology/website?

What is the purpose of the technology/website?Who is the projected audience? (Can also include how many users/followers use this technology)When was the last time the technology/website was updated? (This can include version updates; and when did you do the review)Where to go? (Ie. Product review pages, website URL, etc.)Why would this be a useful tool in your career?
Pro/Con Technology ReviewDescribe the technology/websiteCreate a list of the advantages of this technology/website.Create a list of the disadvantages of this technology/website.Summarize your overall thoughts about this technology/website.Identify how this tool would be useful in your career (or not useful)?Individual Blog Format/Content Requirements (each blog must include):Appropriate Sources Used and Cited (ie. a cite or topic related to your career) (1 pt)Content (minimum of 250 words and contains no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors) (1 pt)Impact on industry and/or career path is addressed and relevant. (1 pt)Overall format and professional display of your Blogs (1 pt)