What examples or evidence will help support your claim? What sources will you use as Exhibits?

For this assignment, you will develop an argumentative claim (my claim is that physical activity improves mental health) and argumentative strategy about your research topic using the sources from your annotated bibliography. You should categorize all of your annotated bibliography sources into Background, Exhibit, Argument, or Method sources. Your activity should include the following:
Your argumentative claim about the research topic: Now that you have conducted some research on your research question, what is your position on the question? Your claim should be a clear and argumentative, as in, there should be multiple positions that reasonable individuals may believe.Background sources: What background information will a reasonable person need in order to understand your topic and your claim? What sources will you use as Background information?Exhibit sources: What examples or evidence will help demonstrate the importance of your research topic? What examples or evidence will help support your claim? What sources will you use as Exhibits?Argument sources: What is your position on the research topic compared to the sources that you have already read? What sources do you plan to refute, refine, extend, or affirm as Argument sources?Method sources: What are the key terms or concepts on your research topic? Are there any sources that you will use as a Method source?Source reflection: Do you have a mix of sources in all categories of the BEAM framework? Are there categories that have more sources than others? What kinds of sources do you think you need to find next to help strengthen your argumentative claim?
My Sources are:Biddle, S. J. H., Ciaccioni, S., Thomas, G., & Vergeer, I. (2019). Physical activity and mental health in children and adolescents: An updated review of reviews and an analysis of causality. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 42, 146–155.