What do your choices say about the current time period and culture of which you are a part?

A small yacht carrying twelve passengers and a captain suddenly begins to sink far from theshore of an uninhabited island. When it was discovered that the radio was dead, the captaindecided to have the passengers board the lifeboat for the distant island. A problem arose whenit was discovered that the lifeboat would hold only eight people; it would sink with nine. Therewas only enough gas for the lifeboat to make one trip to this island. Therefore, four passengersplus the captain had to remain behind for the sake of the survival of the others. Of thepassengers listed below, which four would you leave you behind and why? For all we know,this party may never be rescued. Why did you choose to take the other eight?a teenage girl a Black Lives Matter activista police officer a gay mana 65-year old CEO a gymnasta 55-year old female nurse a botanista pregnant woman a professional athleteher husband a famous authorYou must make the case for each member you leave behind and each member you take? Thinkabout the sociological imagination. What do your choices say about your beliefs? What do yourchoices say about the current time period and culture of which you are a part? What assumptionsdid you make?• This paper must be double spaced.• This paper must have sound grammar and spelling
Rubric:Members you take and why 15/15Members you leave behind and why 15/15Reflect on assumptions you made 5/5Reflect on choices considering current time period 5/5Writing Quality/Must include APA title page 10/10