What are the predominant theories that have been applied? What other theories might be helpful in order to understand this problem?

Mind the Gap (in Literature) Research PaperEach of you will select a topic related to communication and/or engagement themes addressed this semester inwhich you have expressed interest. Using scholarly peer reviewed articles from communication journals as astarting point, you will discuss a significant research problem in the area of interest.What are the predominant theories that have been applied? What other theories might be helpful in order to understand this problem?Through a review of the literature, 1) determine the extent to which the problem has been investigated from theperspectives of theories covered in class (if at all) or 2) propose, with justification, why this problem might beexplored through the use of other theories.Paper Details and ExpectationsThe introduction to theory in this course is, intentionally, basic. You are expected to explore more deeply thetheory/theories you want to engage. This requires you conducting research on the relevant literature(s). To be ableto articulate a gap in the literature(s) relevant to you requires you to be able to confidently say what is—andisn’t—there. You may be coming into the course with already-specified theoretical interests. If that’s the case,how does a theory from communication intersect, support, or challenge a previously held understanding of theory(e.g. in leadership, community engagement, etc.)?If you are starting from communication theory, then what is absent, minimized, or overlooked when it comes to aconcern that may have emerged in the course of the semester thus far? We have not explored much with respect togrounded experiences of theory through the course readings, but you are encouraged to read ahead and thinkabout what it means to think about the role of communication in community-based settings as a scholar,practitioner, and/or civic professional.
• Fundamentally, what is your argument or claim? This is your thesis. Is your thesis clearly evident?• How well have you used evidence to develop your thesis and to support your own point of view? Haveyour surveyed the literature(s) sufficiently to make this claim that there is a gap?• How well do you demonstrate valid logic and sound reasoning in the course of making your argument?• How flexible have you been in approaching the topic, rather than letting your preconceptions influenceyour analysis of issues and their implications?• How fair and accurate have you been in presenting complicating viewpoints, and in citing evidence that helps reconcile the opposition?