What are the effects of this victim blaming?

In Chapter 1 and in this week’s PowerPoint lecture for Chapter 2, the concept of “Blaming the Victim” was addressed. It is very much part of our culture. We place the responsbility and blame for problems solely on the indivdiual. However, as we learned in Chapter 1 and with your Week 1 Assignment, there are problems that individuals face that society does not help with and actually encourages the issue to be worse.For this week’s Assignment, I would like for you to discuss how we blame the victim in regards to poverty OR race/ethnicity.I would like for students to:Select if you will discuss the issue of Poverty OR Race/Ethnicity.Consider an example of how we Blame the Victim for this issue. (Be sure to cite your sources both internally and with an end citation.)I would like for your approximately two-page, double-spaced paper to include the following:Explanation of how we blame the victim for poverty OR race/ethnicity.Example of how we blame the victim.What are the effects of this victim blaming?What can we do to stop the victim blaming? How do we change someone’s values and beliefs in this regard?Your work is worth 35 points and will need to be subitted by 11:59 PM on Sunday.Your work will be graded as follows:20 points for Content5 points for Mechanics/Format5 points for Citation of Sources5 points for Going Beyond Minimum