What are specific experiences that support these results?

Discussion 1 Week 112121 unread replies.2121 replies.DirectionsTake a brief Big Five Personality test at http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/bigfiveminitest.html (Links to an external site.)to find out. What are your Big Five personality traits? Do your results surprise you? What are specific experiences that support these results? After learning about your traits, how could you use this knowledge to help yourself in everyday life (e.g., academically, socially, and in planning the future)?http://%20http//webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/bigfiveminitest.html
Discussion 2 Week 11OverviewThe goal of this assignment is to help you connect this week’s material on theories of personality to your own personality.DirectionsNeo-Freudian Carl Jung created a set of personality types that have become popular for understanding oneself and others, including what jobs would be best for one and which people one would work best with in a relationship. Find out your type by taking the short test at http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/jungiantypestest.html (Links to an external site.). What is your four-letter type (e.g., INFP or ESTJ)? How can this knowledge help you pick careers, friends, and lovers? Be sure to connect your response to this week’s material.http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/jungiantypestest.html