week;y check in 9

For this weekly check-in, let’s consider a  debate about animal ethics. You may remember a case from 2016 when a  silver back gorilla was killed after a young boy entered his enclosure.  Read about it here:
Animal Experts Weigh in on the Death of Harambe
For your original post, briefly  summarize what you take to be the important elements of this story.  After doing so, answer the following: Do you think proper moral regard  was shown for Harambe? Discuss your thoughts fully in at least a  paragraph. Be sure to offer you reasons for your answer and explain if  you believe you would have done anything differently in this case.
After posting your original thread, be  sure to reply to at least two classmates to let them know if you share  their views, if their post made you think of something in a new way,  etc.