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1. Who are the SNCC and what is their significance?2) Had you heard this song before? Why is it important? What other songs by them were you able to find on youtube?3) What is the importance of Martin Luther King in your life and for America?4) Think about the relevance of this video to event happening currently in the United States.2. Do you know any of these performers? After research what comments can you make about each?2) What instrument do each of them play?3) Does this music inspire you or is it out of touch with society today?4) What are the significance of the lyrics in this song?3. to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)1) As you can tell, Pete Seeger performed for many years. Have you heard this song? Have you sung this song?2) What is the point of this song?3) Someone made the comment “How can you not sing along with this song?” Do you agree? Is it effective?4) Is this a patriotic song or a protest song? Do you recognize the performers?