True Crime, Argumentative Research Paper

Your job with this essay is to find a true crime topic that interests you and to develop an original, argumentative essay around it.An argumentative essay is a thesis-driven essay that attempts to persuade the reader of the author’s point of view by using carefully researched, presented, and logically utilized information. This is not an “informative” research paper where you list a system of facts, like a book report.Whatever topic you choose to research, you must develop a Research Question that addresses at least one of the following, according to your goals:• Assert an original stance on a topic related to true crime• Articulate a problem in an academic conversation concerning true crime and provide fresh insights into this conversation.• Make a unique connection between several true crime works across forms (podcasts, films, shows, books, articles, etc.)Stay away from strong personal opinions and simple pro/con arguments. The best way to find a great topic/thesis is to form your opinions by doing research on your topic (i.e. let your topic take you where it needs to go). Ask “Why?” (or “So what?”). If you don’t think you have enough fuel for a 5-7 page paper, you might want to rethink your choice. If you have trouble with your topic or research on that topic, please come talk to me (I will not, however, pick a topic for you or do your research for you—that’s your job).Purpose: To write an informed, thoughtful, organized, and original argument. To find, analyze, and synthesize appropriate and varied research into an argumentative essay. To articulate and develop an original claim. To demonstrate an understanding and adequate use of logic and rhetorical choices.Audience: A reasonable, general, informed audience.Message: To add your informed opinion in an already ongoing conversation about your subject.Format Essays must be 1250-1750 words long (about 5-7 pages) and must conform to MLA formatting guidelines (12 pt., Times New Roman, 1” margins, double spaced, proper heading, etc.).Sources: A minimum of four sources is required for this essay. Information gathered from outside sources should be cited in MLA format. Please consult Purdue OWL for citation guidelines and details. Reference books (such as encyclopedias and dictionaries) can be used, but they do not count as one of the required sources. Internet sources can be used only if they are from credible web sites. Always use the best source for your topic. You will be assessed on how well you are able to evaluate the sources you use.