The Postman Always Rings Twice and The Big Sleep Response Paper

In response papers, you must maintain a balance between personal impression and critical analysis. Overly personal statements, such as “my favorite aspect,” “made me feel,” and “I for one,” are too personal. Instead of impressions, you need to express arguments and analysis.Likewise, general statements about the function of literature or the role of psychology in characters, such as “the film is left to the audience to interpret,” “life trials affect the psychology of human beings,” etc. are unnecessary. They are givens.For those who used quotes, it’s not enough to pull up a quote for a text. You have to have a justification: why you are quoting it, what do you think of it, etc. Rule of thumb: don’t end a paragraph with a quote.You don’t need to summarize a certain text. Your response papers should go beyond that, providing an argument, even if an initial one. The idea was to push the argument level a little bit more That is to say, you do not have to provide a sophisticated argument in response papers. However, I’d like to see if you can critically engage with the different texts we have read so far. Though not necessary, it’s advisable that you refer to more than one text and/or put more than one text in conversation with each other. What combines the different texts we have read? Do you see conflicting ideas? Explain what and how? Do you disagree with any text you read? Explain why? Response papers should be responses to questions like these.This response paper should be centered around the following to texts, “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, and “The BIg Sleep”.