The Hollywood Sign: The Culture of American Film

Movies are particularly well-suited for semiotic analysis. Like ads, movies get their meaning from both the denotative and connotative content they convey. A film may be interesting (or not), but the story it tells and the images, music, and camerawork it uses, may have other meanings.Now, read Maasik and Solomon’s introductory chapter “The Hollywood Sign: The Culture of American Film (441-450).” In it, they begin by discussing the movie franchise Godzilla, which they read as a metaphor for larger cultural concerns.Read the text box “Exploring the Signs of Film” on page 449 of our e-book. Then, write an entry in your journal that responds to the prompt.Share your journal entry with your classmates. Go to the open forum and respond to the prompt. (Discussion post)
a) Exploring the Signs of Film ( Journal entry) List some of your favorite movies. Then, consider your list: What does it say about you? What cultural mythologies do those movies tend to reflect, and why do you think those myths appeal to you? What signs particularly appeal to your emotions? What sort of stories about human life do you most respond to?
John Muthoka7 minutes agob) Hollywood and You ( discussion post)
You were asked to reflect on the movies you like most in your journal entry above. Now share some of your insights with your classmates. What films do you like most? What does your choice of movies say about you? How might the movies you chose reflect broader cultural mythologies?