The essay is split into 2 parts.Assignment TopicYour assignment is linked to the following

The essay is split into 2 parts. Assignment Topic Your assignment is linked to the following learning outcome: Analyse critical incidents to judge organisational leadership performance. Critically consider how the role and nature of the organisation affects the leadership knowledge, skills and behaviour needed by senior managers. Formulate personal development objectives based on the outcomes of assessment and diagnostic tools. Design and implement a plan to develop leadership behaviour. Your assignment should be2,500words in length ( 10% allowance), appropriately referenced using the Harvard Reference Style.

This assignment is split into two parts:

Section 1:(approx. 1250 Words) This is a reflective activity which requires you to critically examine a leadership scenario based around the operating room or recovery room (single critical incident, dilemma or challenge which you have identified and reflected on throughout your career journey). During this reflection you are required to consider: How the role and nature of the organisation affected the leadership approach. What knowledge, skills and behaviours were required. How the response could have been improved. Reflective cycles must be used to structure the assignment. Contemporary literature should also be drawn to evidence your arguments.

Section 2:(approx. 1250 Words) In the second part, you are required to develop a 12-month personal development plan considering the development of your leadership skill set. Throughout, you may wish to draw from: The outcomes of your reflection in part one. The results of a leadership assessment/ diagnostic tool. Professional diary or journal. Professional guidelines. The plan should be realistic and implementable, with suitable associated timelines.The plan should identify how you will initiate, work toward and sustain improvements in your leadership skillset. Departmental guidelines on preparation and submission of coursework Assignments should be submitted in either MS Word or Open Office format unless stated otherwise on the assignment submission page. Use standard margins: 1_ (2.5cm) on all sides. Use standard Arial 12-point font size. Use double-line spacing. Pages should be numbered consecutively. Your work should be correctly referenced using theHarvard Referencingstyle. References for inclusion please NHS Improvement. (2016)Culture and Leadership programme; Concepts and Evidence.NHS. Martin, G., Keating, M., Resick, C., Szabor, E., Kwan, H. K.,

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