The connection between Voodoo and Roman Catholicism Annotated Bibliography

My instructor has asked me to put together a comprehensive annotated bibliography on the similarities and differences between these two religions. I’ve already gathered my three sources but my thesis statement is lacking according to my instructor. I’m including both my introductory paragraph and my thesis below.
Introduction –Voodoo has been sensationalized by western media and horror movies such as White Zombie(1932) The typical depictions of Voodoo in popular culture are something that is immoral andgoes against God’s divine will by worshipping fake idols and taking part in black magic like thefallen angel Lucifer. But Voodoo’s history is deeply tied with slaves that were indoctrinated intothe Roman Catholic religion when they were brought across the seas mostly of African descent.
Thesis –How has the integration of religious beliefs and practices of slaves and other immigrants shaped modern voodoo and Roman Catholicism?
Sources –Laguerre, Michael. “THE PLACE OF VOODOO IN THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE OFHAITI.” Caribbean Quarterly, vol. 19, no. 3, University of the West Indies, 1973, pp. 36–50,, Leslie. “The Faces of the Gods.” The University of North Carolina Press, 2000,, Stephanie. “The Voodoo Spiritual Temple:A Case Study of New Orleans’ Spiritual Churches.” Arizona StateUniversity, (Links to an external site.),modern Voodoo and Roman Catholicmodern Voodoo and Roman Catholicism?