The CI case of Karl Koecher

-Prepare a 5-page paper on on Karl Koecher CI case (does not include title & reference page)-Use times 12-point font and follow APA v. 7 guidelines for grammar, structure, and formatting-This paper should include an introduction, case details, an application of CI learning points, and a conclusion.-Accurately apply CI theory, use correct terminology, identifiy the agency’s mistakes, identifiy the opposition’s mistakes (please apply 5 or more learning ponits)-Take a look at the tenets of offensive (11 tenets) and tenets of defensive (17 tenets) of CI and apply what is appropriate to Karl Koecher**EXAMPLE PURPOSES**Some spies were caught because of agency counterespionage operations.All spies represented defensive CI failures… which of the tenets of defensive CI did does a specific case fail?All caught spies involved some kind of offensive CI action. Which aspects of offensive CI are in a specific case?-Demonstrate case details including subject red flags, recruitment details, what tipped off US investigators, and case outcomes (please apply 5 or more case details)
-Aspects of U.S. spy cases to conider (motivation, access, security practice(tradecraft), exposure, punishment, impact (damage/Law (chnage)) *not all my apply to Karl Koecher*
– Other CI theory elements to consider are the 7 propostions (operational surprise, data collection, targeting, resources, paradox of fiction, operational failures, and analysis)* not all my apply to Karl Koecher*