Swot analysis and self-critique | Reading homework help

Hey just want to clarify ine more thing. Once we do the SWOT analysis, you are going to self critiqe your own self based on SWOT analysis. In other words you are going to evaluate SWOT analysis you did in Self-critique.
This is a health management class and  has 2 parts. SWOT analysis and self critique .I need someone who have experience in writing SWOT analysis based on the senario of a hospital merger. It is imprtant and necessary to do a research about hospital merger and finding out 
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) and only cite those form academic scholars.  As long as it is cited properly, you can use APA or MLA style. Describtion of the homoweork along with instruction and how many pages needed  is attahed
NO PLAGIARISM if found will be disputed
Budget 20 maximum