Supply Chain Chaos

Today we are experiencing a global supplycrisis with the delivering of products taking 2-3 times longer than they didone year ago. Products that had a 6-10 week historical delivery patternare now taking 20-24 weeks to be delivered.The primary cause often cited for theglobal crisis is the current Covid-19 pandemic. There is no doubt that the Covid-19pandemic may have instigated the issue, but I believe the problems may havealways been there but hidden just below the surface. As an FYI, for the mostpart, experts believe that the current crisis will possibly prevail through mid2023.Action Required:Please review thevideo links provided below as the starting point to researching what youthink caused the current crisis and what do you suggest that we do about it,both short and long term, to minimize the impact to the end customer orpossibly eliminate the problem re-surfacing in the future.Leads/ideas thatmay help in your research…..
·Raw material shortagesparticularly steel·Supplier capacity….if they hadavailable capacity before the pandemic by the problem now?·Manpower shortages·Shipping Congestion·North American truckingsituation·Lack of ocean-going cargo vesselsand shipping containers for the far east·Look at the problem from aQCDDv view point.
Logistics play a large part of the transportationof products whether made in North America or offshore, therefore anything thatwe can do to minimize the impact of transportation is especially important to acompany’s bottom line – their profit!Below are links to two video’s that:(1)shows the situation at the LosAngeles Port of product arriving from overseas, and the challenges that theyface in receiving and moving product on to its final destination

(2)How Amazon is dealing withcurrent supply chain issues, to minimize the impact to their customers.
Please cite any of your research sourcesthat that assists you in making your recommendations, including the two videoslisted above.See suggested format below…….I would suggest is a business report thatis clear and concise but should contain the following:·Executive Summary – include asummary of the situation that provides your manager/director an overview tounderstand the root cause(s) of the issue, and a summary what your keyrecommendations.·Situational Analysis – what arefacts as you know them….just the facts, not the analysis or possible solutionsas that comes later.·List of problems/concerns and yoursuggested countermeasures of how they may be fixed going forward.– You should beable to list 3-6 possible options with potential solutionsUnlike mostreports that you have done or college or university, length is not important –you don’t need to fill the report with useless dialogue – keep the report as conciseand complete as you can but it still has to contain all the necessary elements tobuild a convincing argument.