Summary and Reading Response

FIRST PAGE: Summary ONLY of Chapter 29 like the format in files…SECOND PAGE: Reading Response: Read the section titled “Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society” located in Chapter 29 of the textbook. 1-How did President Lyndon Johnson continue President John F. Kennedy’s “War on Poverty” after the latter’s assassination? 2-What was the “Great Society,” and which four or five laws (Acts) did this program achieved through Congress?– Make sure to say in one line or two what each one of these laws accomplished for Americans? 3-Evaluate the 1966 Supreme Court decision in Miranda v. Arizona by first listing the three Miranda rights that the Supreme Court said were protected when someone is arrested in the United States and second by articulating what you think about these rights. Your Reader Response paper is one page maximum.
Textbook Required: Davidson, James West, et al.US: A Narrative History.Volume 2. 8th edition or later. New York: McGraw Hill, 2018. ISBN-13: 978-1260025026