Sociology essay. About the Sociology of Sport, particularly in South Africa.

Assessment 2: Sociological Imagination EssayExercising your Sociological Imagination EssayUse the Sociology of Sport Article as a guide, analyse:1. Different social theories about sport and society2. Explain what it means to be socialized3. Critique participation and equity issues in Sport in South Africa4. Explain deviance within the sporting contextReferring to the theories covered in weeks 3, 4 and 5. Link your analysis to thestory of the community, nation and the world where applicable.Length: 1500Value/weighting: 25%Due: 04 April 2022Submission File name: ā€œSociological Imagination Essay Surname FirstNameā€Marking guide:Adherence to Format Instructions in Academic Guidelines /10Description of personal troubles and social Issue /30Use of article and prescribed readings /30Use of sociological insights and theory in analysis /30TOTAL /100