Should vaccines be required in the near future for both adults and children?

Persuasive Argument/ Research Paper30% of final gradeBefore you submit your Persuasive Argument Research Paper, please go over the checklist below to make sure that you will get full credit for this assignment:1. Is your Persuasive Argument Research Paper at least 1500 words long?2. Do you describe and address at least one counterargument?3. Is your paper persuasive to your intended audience?4. Have you included at least 6 sources that support your ideas?5. Are your in-text citations and Works Cited in proper MLA format?6. Can the reader easily follow the development of your argument?7. Have you proofread your paper for grammatical errors?Produce a 1500-2000 word research-based persuasive argument paper with a tension filled, argumentative thesis. Make sure that there is at least one viable opposing point of view that you can counter with logic and research-based evidence. Through readings and a topic proposal assignment, you will pick a topic that interests you and about which you would like to learn more. All final paper topics must be approved by the teacher. Once you have decided on a topic, gather as much information about it as possible from reliable, academic sources; you will need to cite at least six sources in your final paper.Rubric for Persuasive Argument/Research PaperCounter Arguments: at least one counter argument is present and is effectively addressed: 20 pointsPersuasiveness: the research paper as a whole is persuasive to the intended audience; the writer has consciously written the paper to persuade a specific audience:15 pointsUse of Evidence: at least 6 primary and secondary sources have been used appropriately and effectively to support the argument: 20 pointsStructure/Logic: the paper is effectively and logically organized; the reader can easily follow the argument and see how all parts connect: 10 pointsSufficient depth and detail: the paper is at least 1500-2000 words long, allowing subject to be treated in sufficient depth and detail: 10 pointsStyle/grammar: the paper is written in an academically appropriate and comprehensible style with few to no grammatical and spelling mistakes: 15 pointsMLA Citation: MLA formatting and citation style has been employed correctly with few to no errors: 10 pointsTotal=100 Points