Shark Tank episode – Review for Career Class

Watch any episode of, “Shark Tank”, Write a full two-page paper regarding what you learned from the “pitches” made to the Sharks or it can be something notable that you notice from a Shark. This could be anything from tone of voice, salesmanship, honesty, memorization, and ease of speaking the pitch. Anything that you learned by watching the pitch. Please annotate which episode you watched on your paper.
–> It relates to my Career required class.
NOTE:Your Cover Page for all assignments must have the following:● Your name● Section A01● Business 301● Shark Tank Assignment● Date Submitting● University● Spring Quarter● ProfessorAPA is the suggested style. What I mean by that, is as follows:Single sidedDouble spacedTwelve fonts1-inch marginsPage numbers at the top or bottomNo Abstract is necessaryA separate works sited page, if necessary