Sexual Orientation

The topic I chose was Sexual orentation Chapter 10 Emotion & Motivation ( in files i attached the syllabus and screenshots of the textbook pgs (they may or may not he out of order). Now the teachers requirements/discription: “read middle pages of the syllabus on Canvas for complete instructions and a sample of paper formatting Choose any sub-topic from the text that you find interesting. DO NOT choose a topic that is equivalent to an entire chapter, as that will be much too broad for a 2-3 page paper. Write a 2-3 page essay in APA format examining the issue, along with a recent research study related to the topic (see #2 below – address all 3 questions: A-C). The paper must be in Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Include a title page (see #1 below). Cite all sources w/in the body of your paper; see examples of common in-text citations on the sample paper below. Also include a separate references page in APA format which lists the textbook & a peer-reviewed research article on the topic (see #3 below). You do NOT need an abstract.
Title Page (on a separate page, not part of 2-3 pages of the essay portion)See sample of an APA title page, as well as APA citation format, in the sample paper in syllabus.
2. Topic Summary & Analysis (minimum 2 FULL pages for this section, not more than 4 pages)
A) What are the main points on the topic, as covered in your textbook? Cite Spielman et al. (2020) for this information in the body of your paper. The easiest way to do this, without needing to put an in-text citation after every sentence, is to begin with a broad statement along the lines of: Spielman et al. (2020) describe the following features of …
B) Briefly describe what new research is being conducted in this area as exemplified by a peer-reviewed academic journal article. (Use the same procedure to locate an article as we did for the earlier peer-review HW assignment.) Cite your study author(s) & year in the paper: Li and Mann (2019)…
C) Evaluate the importance or practical implications of research on this topic &/or discuss what further research could be useful.
3. References in APA format (on a separate page, not part of 2-3 pages of the essay portion):
List text & article on a reference page, using sample on the next page for the proper format. If you use additional sources, those must be properly referenced as well (see sample below – double space lines).