The staff has created the following schedule for the upcoming 2 weeks. You are responsible for evaluating the schedule prior to posting.YOU MAY NOT convert the employees to one shift length to create this schedule, in other words, those hired to work 8 or 12 hour shifts are to remain in that configurationAs you begin to analyze the schedule given in the table, you are aware of the following personnel requirements and personal requests:The unit is staffed with 7.7 FTEs of daytime RN coverage.
Cary, Sean, and Jess have agreed to work every weekend. Everyone else has every other weekend off.
The unit is staffed with a combination of 7 am – 3 pm (8 hour) and 7 am – 7 pm (12 hour) shifts each day.
No staff member can work more than 40 hours per week, per federal regulation.
Adequate coverage consists of five RNs for the day shift.
Key: V= vacation day; D=day offAnalysisCopy and paste the schedule (below) on a blank word document, then re-configure the assignments. Please highlight days which are short-staffed.RN S M T W R F S S M T W R F SCary 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 V D D D 7-3 7-3 7-3Jill 7-3 D 7-3 D 7-3 7-3 D D D 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3Sean 7-3 7-3 7-3 D 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 D 7-3 7-3 D D 7-3Karen D 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 D 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 7-3 DLee D 7-3 7-3 7-3 D 7-3 7-3 D D 7-3 7-3 DJess 7-7 7-7 D D D D D D 7-7 7-7 7-7 7-7 D 7-7David D D 7-7 7-7 7-7 7-7 D D 7-7 7-3 7-3 D DStart by adjusting the schedule to reflect the commitments each individual made on hire, as described above.Then respond to the following questions:There appears to be some difficulty with creation of an appropriate schedule. As the manager of this unit, how would you address this issue?
If one of the nurses requests to take vacation during these two weeks, what are your options to provide coverage? What are the pros and cons of your choice?
What are the legal implications of overtime and vacation hours? Support your answers with references from the literature (at least one reference besides the textbook)