Respond to Sean Reynolds Post

Hello All,

A court system just (fair) pretrial bail system would include bail release which means, the person getting accused or charged with a crime would pay a set price to be released from jail prior to the trial.  The person getting charged is require to be at every court date required by the court to get their money back they used for bail.  The person being charged with the crime can get a bond and usually the persons property would be taken away by the court to help pay off the bail. Also , would help pay your bail to be released prior to the trial being started. Another thing that could happen is being on house arrest or be told they can’t go outside certain radius of miles. So if the person being charged with the crime, tries to make a run for it because they are scared,nervous, or guilty, the courts would know where they are because when you on house arrest they give you an ankle bracelet to track you. A third thing the court could do is Release you on your own free will. That means the court or the people don’t see you as visible threat to others or yourself and they think they would be alright outside of jail prior to trial. But, for that to happen the court must see that you’re good citizen or have no record. All these scenarios all depend on the variety of the crime too, it could be worse or less worse if you steal vs kill someone.