Research Paper on Psychological Resilience

Hello dear writer,Thank you so much for considering this assignment.These are the following details.The assignment asks youto design, conduct, and present your findings from a small-scale review ofpeer-reviewed scholarly research on resilience.According to my researchproposal, which I have attached, I wish to further the research on resilience intothat on psychological resilience of healthcare workers during COVID-19.I wish to conduct thereview for approximately 1500 words long. It should present the findings fromyour review (in the body or middle sections of your paper) and position yourfindings relative to other research already being on resilience and future workthat needs to be done (in the opening/closing sections of your paper.The Theoretical Model ofFood Citizenship for the Analysis of Social Praxis, a sample of a research paperis attached below for reference.Theuploads also include Introduction, Conclusion and Body specification with itsstyle and structure.Thereare a few articles such as:1. Article 1,Article 2, and Article 3 – that I wish you to base the introduction on and thensmoothly tie down to in the conclusion.The following articles (3) I wish you to use in thebody of the research paper, where the material of substance will form the mainargument and findings from the 3 sources. You can look around for one more suchsource that meets the specifications of journal articles, is peer-reviewed, opento read to all, and APA-cited.2. PsychologicalResilience in Frontline Health Care Workers During the Acute Phase of theCOVID-19 Pandemic in New York City3. Psychological Resilienceof Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19 Pandemic4. Can PsychologicalResilience Protect the Mental Health of Healthcare Professionals during theCOVID-19 Pandemic Period?Finally, I wish all the citations in APA format.Further and more detailed instructions are included in the uploads,named Final Research Paper Instruction – 17 April.Hope we can discuss the progress of the work as and when it’s happeningso that I can familiarise myself with it and can incorporate any changes.Thank you so much for doing this.